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“Nicola Bird is a force of nature – a gentle but powerful rain shower of wisdom and insight, helping us wash away our anxious thinking and rediscover the peace of mind at the heart of who and what we really are.” 

Michael Neill


Nicola Bird experienced anxiety and panic attacks for over twenty years, at some points so badly that she couldn’t leave her house for weeks at a time.

No one knew. To the outside world she was a high-performer: high academic grades, running her own successful business, living all around the world and happily married with three beautiful children.

But inside she was full of fear and on the verge of panic a huge amount of the time.

She tried everything, including CBT, NLP, medication, yoga and psychiatric counselling in an attempt to fix herself but nothing seemed to have a lasting impact.

Then she stumbled across a completely different way of understanding how human beings work that transformed her relationship with anxiety forever. 

In A Little Peace of Mind, Nicola shares with you just what it was that made such a profound difference so that you too can experience freedom from trying to cope with the stress and fear that can seem to rule our lives. 

At the heart of this you’ll uncover the peace of mind that has been eluding you all this time.

"What a relief! 

Anxiety is not a problem to be fixed, but a normal human feeling to be understood. And how comforting to realize that anyone can gain a healthy relationship to anxiety by simply realizing the new understanding presented in this book. 

Nicola Bird presents a refreshing new way to see the true nature of anxiety."

Dicken Bettinger, Ed.D


To complement the book, Nicola has created this simple companion course to go alongside it. This is your chance to get a sneak preview of some of the chapters, ask her questions and come explore this wonderful conversation that has made a difference to so many lives of those with anxiety, panic and stress.

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4 x Sneak Previews

Hear Nicola read passages from the book before it’s released and answer your questions about anxiety, panic attacks and stress. 3 of these Sneak Previews are waiting for you as soon as you sign up, and the 4th will be a live call held on Tuesday 30th April. Bring your questions!

4  x What's-Not-In-The-Book Videos

The book itself will be in your hands from the 7th May and during that month, you’ll receive a weekly video to complement the book, bringing additional material and bonus content.

Facebook Group and Facebook Lives

A private Facebook Group, just for this discussion. There you’ll be able to ask Nicola questions – and where she’ll be answering them with a series of Facebook Live videos all though the month of May.

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"In A Little Peace of Mind - Freedom From Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Nicola Bird has vividly shared her personal experience of many years of severe anxiety and panic attacks. More importantly, she has shared her journey of incremental transition from anxiety and panic to more joy, love, peace and ease in her life. In presenting how her her insights into the Three Universal Principles uncovered by Sydney Banks, have been instrumental in her journey, she is pointing to the universality of innate mental well being that can never be damaged but only obscured by our innocent misuse of the power and gift of Thought. 

This book will awaken renewed hope in many whose hope has waned and will be a vehicle of insight to many that there label/diagnosis has been but a description of, WHERE they are in their spiritual/psychological understanding and that it has had nothing to do with WHO they are. Nicola clearly reminds us that , "there is always hope, because there is always health".

Reading this book will bring significant value for all who desire a gentler experience and greater resilience in the face of life's challenges."

William ( Bill) Pettit Jr. M.D., 

"I really appreciate how Nicola weaves in her personal experiences with anxiety, stories of her clients and the powerful insights that have transformed their lives. This book is an inspiring look at our humanness. Nicola beautifully illustrates that anxiety is not a life sentence and with a simple understanding we can learn to experience more of our health regardless of the current state of our thinking. And as a result have a new level of confidence in our ability to move through our lives with more ease; connected to our well-being."

Barb Patterson

"This book is a game changer. A radically different understanding of both anxiety and wellbeing that offers the real potential to be on a completely different footing. A new perspective that diffuses anxiety and frees us to have a less restricted experience of wellbeing. This perspective shifts the advantage firmly towards human beings in the ongoing struggle for wellbeing in the face of anxiety. I believe it will ultimately bring that long-fought struggle to an end."

Dr Aaron Turner

"I’ve known Nicola for many years as both a friend and colleague and it’s been a delight to watch her world expand as the understanding that she shares in A Little Peace Of Mind came to life within her. This is not a self help book of tools and techniques and “how to’s”. It’s a book that will humorously and compassionately change your understanding of what anxiety really is. And as your understanding of it begins to shift, you’ll find yourself effortlessly dropping into a place of peace. It was actually there all along, but this book will help you see that you were just innocently looking in the wrong place for it."

John El-Mokadem

"In her down to earth and laugh out loud style, Nic explores the fundamental shift in understanding that dissolved the limits on her own life and the lives of thousands of clients. She is an exceptional force of honesty and love and her teaching and writing are a gift to us all."

Clare Dimond